Columbus Capitals Financial Policy                            


I/We agree to accept financial responsibility for Player’s fees for the Travel Program.  All fees are non-refundable.


The fees necessary to cover the cost of operating a team are funded solely by the player families.  The deposit $300.00 (which is applied to your total obligation and is not eligible for any special payment arrangement) is due at registration after being offered and accepting a roster spot on a Capitals team.  The remaining balance is to be paid in six equal installments beginning June 1 thru November 1. 


We have initially set an $budget (this amount is subject to change based on each team’s final approved budget).  Each of the Capital’s teams will submit a budget, which will have been reviewed and approved by all families on the team, (either signed off physically or electronically), to the CAHA/CAPITALS Treasurer as soon as possible.  This budget will not include any individual player equipment, team uniforms, spirit wear, player travel expenses or any other expense that would be to the benefit of a single player or a few players or where it is not a whole team expense. 


Each family is required to be timely on their financial obligation.  When an account falls 15 days past due, the family will be contacted by the CAHA Treasurer to review the situation.  If the account falls 30 days past due and no payment arrangements have been made with the Treasurer, the player is suspended from the team immediately until the account is brought current.   Families who require additional time to pay a bill are strongly encouraged to make arrangements with the CAHA/CAPITALS Treasurer in advance.  All such payment plans must be approved by the Treasurer and will be held in confidence.


Any family that is default of their obligation will face suspension of their player from the team, barred from practices, games and tournaments.   The family will also not be eligible to any refund of monies due (if any) to the team unless the refund exceeds the amount of the unpaid obligation.


The Columbus Capitals as an organization or individual team will NOT under any circumstances refund any part of the season fess for any time lost by a player due to absence, illness, injury or suspension for academic or disciplinary reasons.  In the event a player is unable or unwilling to participate for any reason or at any point during the season, including moving or playing for another team, the player and player’s family remains responsible for paying any subsequent installment payments that may be due for the remainder of the season as well as all other charges to the family’s account that may be due.  Any balance left unpaid can be subject to further collections action either in house or through a third party collection firm. 


In the event a team has a player(s) account that is behind the entire team’s budget is responsible for the unpaid amount(s).  Meaning if a refund would be due to the team it will first be used to offset the past due balance then anything remaining would be refunded OR if money is still owed each family will be invoiced.  If CAHA/CTH collects on any of the unpaid monies on $0.00 balance team accounts that amount will be

pro-rated and refunded to the members that remained in good standing.


This form is being accepted electronically, you need to print and SIGN a copy upon completion of the registration and scan individual documents to registrar@cahahockey.com

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All parents MUST accept this Columbus Capitals Financial Policy!!