CAHA is excited to offer pre-post teams for the upcoming 2021-2022 hockey season.

Pre-post teams are formed for players who will be playing high school hockey and are looking for a travel hockey option prior to and after the high school hockey season. The high school hockey season typically runs from November through February/March (depending on how far the team goes in the playoffs) so pre-post offers that pre-season and post-season options for high school hockey players.

Pre-post teams are a great way to get introduced to high school hockey for those entering their first high school hockey season and are a great way to get ready for the high school hockey season for players who do not play a fall sport in high school. It is a great opportunity to get to know players that you will play with and against during the high school season. 

General Pre-Post Information:

- Level of play is Tier 2 – AA

- Approximately 20-25 games from mid-August through end of October

- 1-4 tournaments depending on the team

- Expected cost: $$$

- Teams may re-form in March for post-season play

- Practices will be XXX??

CAHA expects to field the following teams:

  • U18 pre-post
  • U16 pre-post
  • U15 or U16 pre-post (the make-up of this second team will depend on tryouts)

Coaches will be named prior to May 1. 

Tryouts will be held in XXXX.