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Required Equipment

Hockey is a fast game played on a closed surface and the potential for injury is always present.  Please understand that injuries can occur and no amount of protective equipment can prevent all injuries. 

The team/association colors are Red, White and Blue.  It really doesn't matter what color gear your player wears but if you are trying to remain standard then, Black helmet, Black Gloves and Black Pants will serve your player well. 

Below you'll find a list of equipment that is required to play.  If you'd like to print out a list with brief fitting considerations then click on the Fitting Guide button to the left.

Helmet with cage or full shield

Mouthgaurd (according to USA Hockey it is optional at MITE level, however it is a CAHA House rule that ALL players wear a mouthgaurd)

Neck Guard

Shoulder Pads

Elbow Pads


Practice Jersey

Cup or Pelvic Protector

Hockey Pants with Suspenders

Garter Belt or JOC short with velcro sock retainers

Shin Pads

Hockey Socks



Equipment Bag (get a size that fits their gear and allows them to carry their own gear)

Other items to consider are undergarments. 

Socks (certtain socks just fit better in skates, please make them available for practices and games)

Gloves (those stretchy gloves are excellent under the hockey gloves on those really cold days)

Long Underwear (cotton or polyblend under pads and will reduce chaffing and other irritations