This page will show you how to naviagate through our website.

Finding your skaters schedule

Viewing your team roster

Viewing team statistics

Master Schedule

Editing Parent/Player Contact Information

1. Finding your skaters schedule:

Click on the House Team Pages tab at the top of the website.

Next, select the Season, Division and Team Name from the drop down menus at the top.

Clicking on the Schedule button (on the left hand side of the team page) will reveal the team's schedule.  Here you will see the date, time and place of the event as well as the type (game, practice, etc.) and opponent.

2. Viewing your team roster

To view your team's roster, navigate to you skaters team home page.

Select Roster from the page options on the left

To protect your skaters privacy, only first name and last initial appear on the the page.  To view more details (last name,phone number, parents, email address), enter your team password supplied by your coach.

3. Viewing Team Statistics

To view your team's statistics, navigate to your team home page.

Select Statistics from the page options on the left.  You will be prompted for your team password (supplied by your coach)


You can sort stats by clicking on the header in each column.  Stats are private and only intended for each team's internal use.  They are entered in by the coach as they were reported on the scoresheet.  If you feel your skater should have been credited with a particular stat, please bring it to your coaches attention.  Please note that stats are NOT kept in the Mini-Mite and Mite House leagues.

 4. Master Schedule

To view the schedule for ALL teams, choose the Master Schedule page on the Association tab.

Be sure to click the Show Non-Games check box to show ALL scheduled activity for each team.


5. Editing Parent/Player Contact Information

In order to stay current with CAHA and your team, your email address and phone number must be current.

Click on Edit My Account and follow the on screen instructions.


Upon entering the system generated password (you can update your password), you will be shown ALL records associated with your email address.

Select the record you would like to update by clicking on the name takes you to the Participant Information Page.

After you update your records, you must click the submit button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

**Note** If you are still unable to access your account records, please contact the for furhter help.