Basic  Information

The Select program is for those players and parents looking to play extra games and/or tournaments beyond their house league schedule.  The typical level of play is above what the average House player might otherwise find and is a good stepping stone to the Columbus Capitals Travel Program.

Try-outs for the Select Program are open to all registered CAHA House players in good standing.  Members need to go to the registration page prior to Tryouts and sign up for your appropriate age group in order to participate in the try-out.  There is a non-refundable tryout fee for each player.  Try-outs are usually held in mid to late September.

Our goal is to field one team at each division (7/8U-, 10U, 12U and 14U) and not by birth year.  Many factors go into determining the number of teams including but not limited to ice requirements and coaching volunteers.  

Players will be given a numbered jersey/pinnie upon check-in.  

Players will go through an evaluation process and the top 15 (or so) players will be given the opportunity to play on the select team.

Select teams are entirely self-funded and are not allowed to interfere with a players house team practices or games.  Select Coaches are responsible to work with the scheduler for practices and games.  The CAHA Board will recommend two to three tournaments to participate in and would like all of the select teams to go to same venue, as long as divisions exist, that way we get better purchasing power for both fees and hotels.  This will benefit the families that are participating and a few may have kids in different divisions so traveling together will be a OVERALL cost savings.

***This is a separate program with additional costs and is not part of the House fee.***