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What Is Responsible Sport Parenting?

"There isn't any other youth institution that                                                                             
equals sports as a setting in which to
DEVELOP CHARACTER. There just isn't.
Sports are the perfect setting because
character is tested all the time."

- John Gardner, Presidential Medal of Freedom Winner and
  Founding Member of Positive Coaching Alliance's National Advisory Board

A Responsible Sports Parent fills two key roles:
  • Ensuring your youth athlete's safety
  • Helping your youth athlete apply life lessons from sports on and off the field

Imagine the hockey equivalent of the following situation:

Your child comes up to bat with two outs in the bottom of the last inning, with the tying and winning runs in scoring position. He strikes out, ending the game in a loss for his team.
Think about it . . .What would YOU say to your child on the way home?

Get resources, tools and expert advice to help you help your kids improve their sports performance and learn the life lessons that sports uniquely can provide in this comprehensive guide for parents from the Responsible Sports website. Includes great information to help kids and parents:

  • Determine goals for kids' sports participation
  • Talk constructively about kids' sports
  • Encourage effort, learning and how to respond to mistakes
  • Fill emotional tanks
  • Honor the game
And for a kid's perspective, watch The Magic Hockey Helmet: